This Is Levi’s Story

Our Levi was truly AMAZING. On April 6, 2017 Levi came into the world, quickly capturing everyone hearts. Even Big Brother Owen couldn’t help falling in love, repeatedly saying “Oooohhh, what a cute baby!”. He was an instant cuddler and a charmer, with big blue eyes and an even bigger heart.

We remember Levi as the sweet, easy-going boy who was always ready for his next adventure. He spent his days going on hikes, singing songs, climbing on playgrounds, jumping on his bed, and, of course, watching his favorite show – Blaze and the Monster Machines. His favorite adventures, however, were any that included his big brother Owen and his silly dog Radar.


Soon after his third Birthday, our hearts broke when he was rushed to the hospital and diagnosed with medulloblastoma – the most common form of pediatric brain cancer and unfortunately, he had type III, the most aggressive form.

Levi spent 86 days straight in the hospital after his initial diagnosis, much of this in the ICU. Mommy Beth and Daddy Zack took turns to make sure he was never alone. By the time Levi was finally able to go home, a lot had changed – he was no longer able to walk, he required a feeding tube, and couldn’t even hold up his own head.


Over 13 months, Levi would undergo 6 brain surgeries, endless rounds of chemotherapy, stem cell transplant, and proton radiation. Although we (the adults in his life) shed many tears along his journey, it was Levi, who helped us to continue to smile, laugh, and find brightness even on the darkest days. When cancer presented him with challenges, he proved to everyone just how amazing he truly was. He worked hard to regain strength in order to sit up, dance, and crawl. He could easily read us his favorite books, put together puzzles, and learned important life skills like how to fast forward through yucky commercials while watching Blaze. After each new feat, he would proudly exclaim, “I did it!” He found joy in everyday moments like looking at a pretty blue sky, snuggling, or building towers just to knock them down over and over and over again. He laughed often, gave hugs, squeezes and the occasional ninja chop freely, and was always quick to say “I love you”.

Levi playing with ball

Our Amazing Levi became an angel on July 21st, 2021. His four years provided a lifetime worth of happiness and memories for all who knew him. And for those of you who didn’t know him – you really missed out!