Giovanni’s Customized LovefromLevi Hospital book:

by | Aug 19, 2023 | I Did It!, News

Giovanni’s Mom asked us to make a special page for him where he could pack all his medical supplies into a bag. It turned out pretty cute. She writes:
“Thank you so much – this is absolutely amazing! We immediately started using the book with Giovanni and he responds so brightly to it! He loves helping me pack the little bag, and his big brother loves getting the actual equipment at the same time! We use the little shaky vest in particular every day because he seemed to make that connection really fast! He has a vest treatment four times a day. When we bring the little vest out and put it in his hand he seems to immediately recognize that he is going to have a treatment and gets a huge smile!!! This really is such a wonderful gift – we are truly appreciative!”
We are happy that it is working so well and Giovanni likes it! Thanks to all the volunteers and donors who help make these books possible.