About Us

Levi Rundlett on park bench

Our Levi

Levi Thomas Rundlett was a sweet, easy-going boy who will be remembered for his big heart and ability to find joy in all things. Despite cancer presenting him with great challenges, he continued to spread cheer and brightness to all those around him. We continue his legacy in Love from Levi.

Levi and Owen Handprints On Canvas

Our Mission

To honor 4-year old Levi by: raising awareness of childhood cancer through acts of kindness, spreading love to families affected by cancer through gifts of support, offering hope through donations to pediatric cancer research.

Love From Levi Logo With Heart, Star & Letter L

Everything we do has a connection to Levi ❤️

To start, our logo:

  • The heart represents the love Levi gave to all and in turn how we spread that love.
  • The star represents his bright spirit and sense of adventure.
  • The “L” represents Levi. The font is a nod to Blaze and the Monster Machines, and it’s blue, his favorite color.

You will find a connection to Levi and his life throughout the site and in everything we do. This constant link to Levi is how we remember him and how we spread the joy he gave us.

Our History

Love From Levi Timeline