Hospital Book
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Hospital Book

Levi had lots of steps and procedures to do in and out of the hospital. Mommy Beth made this interactive book so he could understand a little more of what’s going on. Levi enjoyed using the movable parts to help care for each kid in the book – taking blood pressures, giving medicine, going into the MRI machine, putting on “ninja ears”, and more. Take a look at big brother Owen (8 years old) reading it to Levi (4 years old). This social story made him more comfortable with both the small and big procedures.

For many children, the world of medicine, doctors, and hospitals can be scary. This is especially true for younger age groups who have less ability to understand what and why things are happening. A well-researched strategy to reduce these fears is known as therapeutic
medical play. This refers to age appropriate games, toys or books to help children better understand their illness and increase their comfort within a hospital or clinic environment.

Customizable for each child’s unique medical journey as we know not all kiddos will need hearing aids or have a feeding tube. We are happy to offer the latest version free of charge to families facing cancer or other serious illnesses. Fill out the form and get a personalized book to help your child understand their hospital procedures. Each book starts with 8 basic pages plus several specialized pages that you choose. You can add procedures later as needed. Suitable for ages 3+.

Hospital Book

Songs Of Love

Get a personalized song written for you.  Hear Levi’s song for an example. Fill out the form here to request a song opens a new tab

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Together, Make-A-Wish creates life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses.

Research shows a wish can give kids the strength to fight against and even overcome a critical illness. A wish renews hope, uplifts spirits and encourages the belief in the impossible. A wish unites neighbors, friends and entire communities in life-changing experiences.

Make-A-Wish granted Levi’s wish of Blaze talking to him. See Levi’s wish of Blaze talking to him. Make-A-Wish

Pinky Swear


Financial support (regardless of income) to aid in your costs\bills. opens a new window
Hospital Book

Warrior Wagons

Giving Wagons filled with comfort items to newly diagnosed Pediatric Cancer patients at select hospitals. opens a new tab