Why It Matters

Facts that need to change


Pediatric Brain Tumors Found Each Year

1 out of 4 kids

Kids with brain tumor will succumb to their disease.

the number 43

U.S. kids will be diagnosed with cancer everyday.

infographic four percent

Only 4% of federal cancer research funds are directed to childhood cancer.

five drugs

There are only 5 FDA approved Chemotherapy drugs for brain tumors, which hasn’t changed for 30 years.

infographic sad zero

There has NEVER been a drug developed and approved specifically for pediatric brain tumors.

The facts are clear. Please donate today to us or to the one of the agencies listed below. All cancer patients and their families need support and EVERYONE benefits from spreading kindness.  For more support, see our Resources and Spread Brightness pages. 

There are many good agencies out there.  Here are some of our favs:

The Angel’s Playground

The most important reason to fight for change is our little Levi and all the other angels who died from this disease. We remember all of them.  Please read their stories below by clicking on an angel.

Angel's Playground
Levi Rundlett Reid William Gleeson

Levi Rundlett

Levi Rundlett Playing With Blocks

2017-2021 - Levi was 4 years old when he died and went to the Angels Playground.  He had battled cancer for 1.5 years.  On earth, Levi loved playing with blocks, trucks (especially Blaze), and big brother Owen.  We will remember Levi’s brightness and joy that shone through even on the hardest days.

Read Levi's Story

Reid William Gleeson

Reid Gleeson playing with toy garbage truck

2015-2020 - Reid was 5 years old when he died and went to the Angels Playground.  He had been battling cancer for 3 years.  On earth, he loved his family and everything to do with garbage trucks.  He loved watching the trucks, playing with toy trucks, and even sorting recycling from garbage.  We will remember Reid finding happiness in all things even trash.

Read Reid's Story